FELINE Heartworm Prevention…why?

Most pet owners are very aware that heartworm prevention is crucial in dogs in the Southeast, but there is a widespread myth out there that cats don’t need heartworm prevention.  THIS COULD NOT BE MORE FALSE.  They do not manifest the disease the same way as dogs, the results can be chronic or acute respiratory distress and also can be more likely to cause death in an infected cat.

Please read the information published by the American Heartworm Society with regard to feline heartworm disease.

AHS heartworm-disease-cats


Dr. Daniels strongly advocates that ALL cats, INDOOR as well as outdoor, be on monthly heartworm prevention.  There is also a FALSE myth that indoor cats cannot get heartworm disease.  The great news is many products are topicals combined with flea prevention and dewormers, some even treat ear mites as well….but at the very least put your cat on monthly prevention of some kind or you are putting its life at risk.