North Florida PAWS

Doc with Mainecoon at PAWSDr. Daniels was staff veterinarian and spay/neuter surgeon at North Florida PAWS in Jennings, Florida for over 5 years until its last week in January, 2014.  She performed thousands of surgeries during her service to that organization.  North Florida PAWS discontinued  performing spays and neuters as of January 2014 and had announced that they were closing.  They nearly achieved the 13,000 mark of spays and neuters during the duration of the their part-time surgical operation. 

On June 2nd, 2014, Dr. Daniels opened Suwannee PAWS, Inc. in Live Oak, Florida closer to her home town of O’Brien after the Jennings operation was scheduled to close so that this service could continue for area residents.  It is located in the Badcock & More shopping plaza in Live Oak, Florida off north SR 129 (Ohio Avenue).  The address is 1427 Ohio Ave North, Live Oak, 32064 and the phone number is 386-362-1754.  A big thanks to the surgical staff over the years, seen in the pictures below.


013 surgery suite PAWS016 PAWS surgery sink014 spay pack example PAWSautoclave small pic pngDoc and doug doing surgery at PAWSDoc doing surgery at PAWS



 5,000th SPAY (and neuter, the other lab sibling # 5001):

5000th spay at North Florida PAWS


10,000th SPAY:

PAWS 10000 spay

Staff and other pictures over the years:

Nelly doing prep on huge dogNelly doing prep on catNelly and Georgekitten in airmask018 Doug and Nellie prepFeral cat in trapDoc with Doxie puppyDoc and Nelly in surgery004 Doug Nelly and Doc with kitten3 littermatestwo kitten litters post op