Animal Shelters and Animal Welfare

Dr. Daniels is a native Suwannee County resident, fifth generation from her family farm in O’Brien, Florida.  One of her goals is to one day work closely with the county and city animal control agencies, to continue offering a reduced-cost spay/neuter program in the area which would include mandatory spay/neuter of animals before adoption/release in Suwannee County.  (in accordance with state law).  She would also like to integrate programs to begin Shelter-Neuter-Release of community and feral cats in the county, which would lead to decreasing county shelter burdens and over time, population control of community cats.

As of May 2015, Suwannee PAWS Inc., in Live Oak is giving 25% off all spay/neuter services to any animal previously adopted from Suwannee County Animal Services.  This will also include a FREE microchip placement at the time of surgery.  (This also applies to individuals immediately post-adoption for their new pets if they are spayed/neutered).  It will only be through mandatory spay/neuter and appropriate vaccination of animals before adoption that meaningful change is made over time.

Dr. Daniels would also like to network with several nationally recognized agencies to be a resource for spay/neuter and relocation of animals within the shelter system and rescue channels, as the holding capacity possibly grows in the future.  For now, Suwannee PAWS is an outpatient spay/neuter facility only but does help rescue animals that pass through on a smaller scale but we are ideally located near the state line and in the middle of many transport paths through the state including I-10, I-75 and local airports.

Suwannee PAWS, Inc. opened in Live Oak, Florida in June of 2014.  Thank you very much for your interest in this topic, we need to support our LOCAL county shelters and homeless animals and help rescue these animals through adoption.

Also please refer to the Association of Shelter Veterinarians Standards of Care and guidelines in this link:

ASV home page


If you have ideas or suggestions or would like to contribute to a meaningful discussion about the welfare of feral cats, animal hoarding, or animal adoptions from our local animal control facilities, please contact Dr. Daniels by email at

NEW PROGRAM OF NOTE:  The Million Cat Challenge, partnership by the University of Florida shelter medicine program/Maddie’s Fund and the U.C. Davis Koret Shelter Medicine program in California.  Let’s get on board!!!!  Please Google the program or read about it here:

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