Small Animal Relief Services

SHHH!!!! Be vewy vewy quiet....if he wakes up I am in REAL TROUBLE!Although Dr. Daniels currently has regularly scheduled days at Suwannee PAWS, Inc. in Live Oak, she is also for hire as a relief veterinarian in small animal general practice and at high-volume surgical clinics.  Although shoulder and neck injuries have limited her large animal work these days, she is also open to doing relief work at mixed-animal practices as well. She is also interested in working at private practices as “spay/neuter surgeon for the day” if you would like to book more cases than usual or have a “spay day” kind of event.  If you are a practitioner interested in hiring, please contact her through the email address

Dr. Daniels is also extremely interested in beginning a campaign in her home county (Suwannee) and surrounding counties for animal welfare, shelter spay/neuter, TNR programs for cats, and overall shelter outpatient medical needs. If you are interested in this area of service to animals in our region, please contact her to discuss options.

Resume’ and references available upon request, and you may also view her abbreviated educational profile and recent work history on the LinkedIN social media network.